Quick Fill

  The Manta Industries Quick Fill screws into any slandered low pressure port and allows you to fill any of

Canister Dee

The Highseas canister dee ring is available in a straight dee ring and in a bent version and will fit

Belt Buckle

Stainless 2″ belt buckle

1″ D-Ring Holder

1″ D-Ring Holder (Taco)

Reef Sticks

Description The Highseas Reef Stick set comes with a 9-inch and a 16-inch stick clipped together with a stainless double

Hose Wrap

10 foot spools of hose wrap come in Yellow, Green, Orange.

Lobster Tickler

Description The Highseas lobster tickler is made of 1/4” stainless steal rod. The tickler is 36 inches long and has

Fish Stringer

Description The Highseas fish stringer is made of 3/16 stainless steel and is 18″ long.

Utility Keeper

The Highseas Utility Keeper is ideal for holding down backup lights but can also be used on the shoulder strap

Deco Hook

The Highseas adjustable deco hook is made of 1/4″ stainless steel rod and can be adjusted from 4ft to 8ft.

Hand Line

The Highseas hand line is your ideal dive flag reel. Made out of stainless steal to last a life time

Line Stop

Description Not your ordinary line stop, the Highseas line stop allows you to clip your lift bag to your reel

Looped Snaps

Description Made of 1” web very securely stitched into the 4 ¾” Brass or stainless bolt snap. Also available with

Fast Teck

Description L, 2″ (FT-2) M, 1.5″ (FT-1 1/2)

Bob Line

The Manta Bob Line – This stainless steel clip with 6 feet of nylon strap is perfect for your deco

Line Arrow

Hard plastic line arrows which come in bright yellow (LA) or glow in the dark (GLA).