Harness Hardware

Belt Buckle

Stainless 2″ belt buckle

Utility Keeper

The Highseas Utility Keeper is ideal for holding down backup lights but can also be used on the shoulder strap


At .07” in thick the KP-1, KP-11/2, and KP-2 are almost double the thickness of other metal keepers. L, 2″

The Polygon

Description The Polygon effectively manages the intersection of the shoulder strap, sternum strap and lower chest strap. If you have

Fixed Waist Staging Ring

Description Fixed Waist Staging Ring is the complimentary partner to the Shoulder Drop Dee (SR-1). Used as upper and lower

Drop Dee for Shoulder Straps

Description The SR-1 is a rigid, easy to hit ring with only 1-1/4″ of standoff at approximately 10°, yet it

Low Pro 90

Description 1″ by 2″ Dee ring welded to a keeper at a 90°

Low Pro 45

1″ by 2″ Dee ring welded to a keeper slight angle.

End Loop

Description 1” Loop welded to the end of a 2” keeper.

Low Pro D-Ring

Description Low profile 2″ Dee Ring, popular with bare handed warm water divers. Approximately 1 ¼” overall height. Readily accepts


Description This standard of the diving harness readily accepts all sizes of web. Available in: 1″ (D1) 1.5″ (D11/2) 2″