Deco Hook

The Highseas adjustable deco hook is made of 1/4″ stainless steel rod and can be adjusted from 4ft to 8ft.


The nearly unbreakable, molded plastic body holds the permanently mounted stainless steel blade. The slotted handle design allows the knife


This razor sharp stainless steel cutting device will let you cut line and harness webbing with ease. Includes web sheath

Bob Line

The Manta Bob Line – This stainless steel clip with 6 feet of nylon strap is perfect for your deco

Titanium Crow Bar

Titanium “crow bars”: Forged titanium tools; these tools are extremely light, strong and weigh only ounces. Perfect for the wreck

Nut Buster

An all stainless steel hammer with a convenient screw-in chisel.  The screw-in chisel, stored inside the hammer’s handle, is made