Listen to what these divers have to say about Manta Industries and their products:
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” I was packing for my dive. My Manta reel was on the floor of the garage when my daughter drove in and ran it over with a 2008 VW Jetta. The crank nob and retention screws were bent.  I straughtened them with pliers.  The handle itself, might or might not be bent, not sure.  The plastic portions of the spool however were deformed and somewhat “bent”. LOL”

Well long story short, by 12:30 PM, the spool recovered enough of it’s shape that I used it to shoot a 40# surface marker twice. Once from 75 ft and once from 50 ft.

Hell of a product.! Tim

“Took the reel to Chuuk, wreck capital of the world. So easy to use with functional design & positive lock. Perfect for floating a bag for decompression or tailing out of wrecks. Thanks for a great tool.”
Michael Napoli, Advance / Rescue Diver
Dives per year: 40

Icelandic Cave Dive Expedition “I used the Manta Reel on the Icelandic Cave Dive Expedition and it proved very useful. The innovative, self-locking feature proved especially handy in the deep rift system we were exploring: when I encountered an equipment problem on the descent, I was able to let go of the reel, deal with the issue using both hands, and retrieve the reel from mid-water, rather than having to search on the bottom. Anyone using a reel should consider Manta.”
Bernie Chowdhury, Expedition Leader
Icelandic Cave Dive Expedition

“Greg, I have had the opportunity to test the Manta Reel–in the Mud Hole with 6-8 feet of visibility. The reel worked like a charm! It was easy to deploy, and because of the spring mechanism the spool did not freewheel. What I like best is that the line cannot spool off accidentally, not only because of the spring tension, but because of the notch in the spool. You’ve got a “reel” winner. I recommend it highly.”
Gary Gentile, World Renowned Technical Wreck Diver & Author Manta In Action!

“After a 300ft dive and you are coming up to your first deco stop, it sure is great not having to worry about your reel fouling as you deploy your lift bag. This is when time is critical and you need equipment that is as worry free as possible. Thank you for the great product.”
Kurt Lebsack, ADV Deep Air/Extended range NITROX/TRIMIX
Santa Rita, Guam
Dives per year 200+

“Our lives depend upon our expertise, training and equipment. The equipment we use must be 100% dependable. For that reason, MantaReels are the only reels we use.”
Rockie Yardley, Developer & Coordinator
Underwater Explosive Recovery Specialist Course
Edmond Okla. Police Dept.

“I have looked at many types of reels prior to this purchase. The MantaReel has all of the best options found in reels.”
Vernon Fullerton, Recreational Diver
North Carolina

“During my review of industry product offerings for dive reels, I found your design to be simple, intelligent and ergonomic. The materials you use will provide a life time of useful service. It is also refreshing that you take your product seriously enough to serialize them for quality control. Well Done.”
Christopher Estkowski, Instructor / Wreck Diver
South Haven, MI

“Your telephone service, products and honesty has confirmed to me Manta Industries Inc. is a professional organization, I shall be proud to recommend to anyone. I already advised my other dive friends.”
Ernest Tachihara, PADI Dive Master
Hitachinaka City, Japan

“Rarely does a product live up to its hype and expectations, but the new MantaReels by Manta Industries Incorporated do. After a number of rigorous test dives, the reel remained in perfect operating condition. As promised the reels never birdnested, free spooled, or free fell; even after being handled in a silted cave by a novice cave diver. I was so impressed with the reels that I decided to let my 3-year-old try to birdnest it, but to no avail. The reels passed every test that I could fathom with flying colors and I now consider it the most innovative, functional piece of dive equipment that I have found. This is a must have product for those of us who enjoy the beauty of caves, caverns and wrecks throughout the world. I strongly recommend that every overhead environment diver get one.”
Chip Skinner, Florida Scuba News

“The Manta Reel is the best ever made! I do several types of diving including cave (limited), wreck, salvage and staged deco. For these reasons you often need more than 2 hands to utilize other equipment. Standard reels require both hands, whereas, Manta Reels allow you to have one hand free. The Manta Reel’s spring-loaded handle reduces task loading immensely. Thanks Manta!”
Lisa Carrara,TDI Staged Decompression, NAUI Master, PADI Dive Master
Las Vegas, NV
Dives per year: 100 +

“Greg, Thanks for your expert assistance and please keep me informed of up dates and new items for the U.S. & R team.” Reason for purchasing: “it’s the best the industry has to offer.”
Eric Kerecman, Dive Master
Elberow, NJ
Dives per year 100+

“I’m getting ready to start a rescue dive class and this reel will be a great asset to the class. I’ve read about this reel and was so impressed with it I had to have one. You have a great product and I will be doing business with you in the future.”
Rod Gambini, Advanced Open Water
Oakdale, CA
Vally Home Fire Dept.

“Its size and weight are great. The spool handle is easily manageable even with cold water bulky gloves. Generously sized brass sliding clip. Thanks”
Lee Kurfist, Advanced Open Water
Northport, NY

“I liked the heavy duty construction relative to other reels of similar cost. The locking handle and wave washer tension control are also features that made the Manta Reel attractive to me.”
Ronald Uschold, PADI Divemaster
Westchester, PA

“I’m a new diver gearing up, and I want to buy the best the first time (to avoid wasting my time and money). After checking out the competition and discussions with experienced tech/wreck divers I’ve concluded your product to be superior.”
Gina Inzetta, PADI – OWI
Bloomfield, NJ

“When diving in the Long Island Sound where visibility is 3 to 5 feet on a good day, it helps to have the best of equipment.”
Earl Gainey, PADI Rescue / ADV OW
Bronx, NY

“Hi, I just thought I’d send you a message to say well done. A friend from the States has just sent me one of your reels and it is the best reel that I have ever had, much better than anything in the UK. ”
Les Maddams
Via e-mail

“I like the anti-spill design and the ease of function! Comfortable handle size.”
Peggy Lehane (Manta Mini), Deep Air & Advanced NITROX
Dives per year: 50+

“Particularly Appreciate the Anti-Spooling feature. Fabulous design! Good Grip!”
Tom Lehane (Manta Jr.), Deep Air & Advanced NITROX
Dives per year: 50+

“Throughtout the years many of us have tried to modify our reels in various ways to help with free wheeling and tangles. Yours is the best system I have seen to date. I look forward to putting your reel to the test in the near future under the “ice” as well as some deep wreck exploration on the west coast.”
Dave Anderson, PADI Instructor / IANTD Instructor
100 dives per year

“Choice of materials used and the AFS System seem to be superior to others.”
Thomas Schreyer, Open Water / Wreck & Night diving
Pennellville, NY

“This reel was used in April to locate a Navy Avenger torpedo bomber lost in the Salton Sea. The Salton Sea is 25% more salty that the ocean. It was not cleaned off until 4 days later. To my surprise it still worked perfectly, this was due to the superior materials used in this product. I always recommend the Manta for our work & cave diving.”
Thomas A. Jaskulski, Instructor, full cave
Dives per year: 50 – 100

“My Manta reel is so easy to use that I am able to deploy my drift diving float while leading tours in the rough waters of Midway Atoll with my full attention on the divers, not my gear”
Keoki Stender, PADI, IANTD Technical NITROX
Dives per year: 500

“Best reel ever made. Every other reel becomes a piece of junk in comparison to the Manta Reel. Worth every penny!!”
Allen Graves, PADI / NAUI Dive Master
Dives per year 100+

“I’ve used your reels in extreme situations, low / no vis, high current deep & large pacific swells, on nuclear projects, inside the plants. I’ve swam circle searches uncovering ungodly amounts of historical Spanish artifacts. I’ve used it on land as well as underwater. 3 reels went down aboard a vessel which sank off of the Ecuador, dredging into the hull through a cut opening. My Manta reels led the way in and out for future attempts of salvage. Thanks, you make a reel tough tool!
Vincent Trotta, Level of Certification: Commercial , Tech, Scientific
Edgewater Florida
Dives per Year: 600 hours