Otter Dry Suits

otterlogoManta Industries is proud to announce that we are now the otter drysuit distributor for the United  States.

About Otter

Otter Watersports began in the upstairs room of an old mill  and within 2 years had expanded, taking over the entire building. Within only 5 years Otter Watersports relocated into an old  refurbished Wool  mill, but again we outgrew the premises and desperately needed more  space. We are now in an old Chapel which was originally built in 1816  and throughout it’s colourful history has been involved with the wool  and textile industry and then was used for heavy industrial work. The  property was then half demolished for proposed plan’s of being a dance  hall, but alas, these plans never came to fruition and the property then spent the next 12 years as a derelict wreck. We acquired the site at  the end of 2001 and have spent the last three years rebuilding and  renovating the site to a usable building. This site now give’s us nearly 19,000 sq ft of manufacturing and sales space together with a large  parking area for Customers and Staff.


Otter Quality

Otter Watersports has  always been quality driven, each suit receiving a unique number to allow quality to be closely monitored through out its manufacturing process Each suit is made by  just one person, where traceablity ensures constant quality. With each  suit being pressure tested for 12 hours without loss of pressure, there  is no such thing as a nearly dry Otter Dry Suit. Otter has achieved C.E. approval for all its suits.

Our Pride is Otter Quality