CR1 Reel

This revolutionary reel been specifically designed to meet the unique ergonomic requirements of cave divers. However, because of it’s ease of use and versatile grip it may well become the choice of many divers during exploration.

The most innovative feature of the CR-1 is it’s “Goodman” style ambidextrous handle. The shape and size of the handle enables the diver to obtain a firm, secure grasp without compromising comfort and control. Grip configurations can vary from full hand to three fingers, gloved or bare hands. The location of the handle enables the diver to control line deployment and retrieval by placing fingers, palm or the heel of the hand on the spool.
Following Manta’s tradition of quality products the CR-1 has been designed to perform consistently year after year.

  • The aluminum uni-body frame is the first in the industry to be cast. After machining it is anodized to reduce oxidation.
  • Machining tolerances are computer controlled to provide tolerances on spool and frame, which are close enough to prevent line jump and reduce jams.
  • Thumb screw is large enough to be manipulated with gloves yet positioned to be unobtrusive. It is threaded into a stainless steel insert to reduce wear and minimize galvanic action.
  • Spool is machined out of one piece of UHMW. This plastic has one of the highest resistances to the elements, and is supplied w/400 ft of #24 nylon braided line.  Available with black spool.
  • Stainless steel shoulder bolt with specially treated threads to prevent it from unscrewing.
  • 4 1/2″ double-ended brass bolt snap to provide quick release from D-ring or reel.