Like all Privateer products the Privateer reel is manufactured using only the highest quality materials. The Privateer reel is an industrial wreck diving reel and serves many purposes; from a chafe resistant guideline, to a solid up-line in case of emergencies.

The heavy line makes the Privateer reel manageable with even the thickest gloves. The reel has been used to hold over a thousand feet of #24 knotted line.

The combination aluminum/PVC design allows the PD-1 reel to be as light as possible while still being able to stand up to rugged, rigorous diving.


  • 1/4 inch aluminum construction
  • 225′ of 3/16 inch nylon line or 330′ of 1/8 inch nylon line available
  • Reel frame made of 6063 marine grade aluminum 1 1/2 wide by 1/4 thick and finished with an anti slip grip
  • Line guide slot is machined and beveled to be chafe resistant
  • Line stop, handle, and brake knob are made of nylon
  • Handle axle and all other nuts, bolts, washers, and screws are made of 316 marine grade stainless steel
  • Spool cut on a CNC router table from type 1 poly vinyl chloride sheet with an axel of 1 3/8 poly vinyl chloride rod machined to accept the ¼ stainless steel inner axle